Friday, April 27, 2007

updated want list

Here's the updated list of books I need -- again, if anyone would like a small amount of cash and a large amount of gratitude to get rid of any of these titles, I would be thrilled to adopt them from you. This list has changed since the last one due to a Chapters order falling through so please do read over it again!

Roberts, Charles G.D. The Last Barrier and Other Stories.
Sime, J.G. Sister Woman.
Atwood, Margaret. Moral Disorder.
Campbell, Maria. Halfbreed.
Johnston, Wayne. Custodian of Paradise.
Kroetsch, Robert. Gone Indian.
Goldsmith, Oliver. The Rising Village.
Sangster, Charles. The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay.
Crawford, Isabella Valency. Malcolm's Katie.
Johnson, E. Pauline. Flint and Feather.
Clarke, George Elliot. Execution Poems.
Ondaatje, Michael. The Cinnamon Peeler.
Campbell, Maria and Linda Griffiths. The Book of Jessica.
Clark, Sally. Moo.
Highway, Tomson. Rose.
Lil, Wendy. All Fall Down.
Mojica, Monica. Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots.
Thompson, Judith. White Biting Dog.

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