Sunday, May 6, 2007

... and then there were two ...

I am now left with only two books outstanding from my comprehensive list -- everything else has been either successful tracked down and purchased, procured from the library, or are en route to me from various used bookstores dotted across the country -- and one big Amazon order, too.

The last two contenders are...

Johnston, Wayne. Custodian of Paradise.
Ondaatje, Michael. The Cinnamon Peeler.

(but that's only because I'm being really stubborn about not paying full price for either of them and because the UNB library doesn't have either book at the Fredericton location -- though both are in Saint John, which may require a quick drive down at some point.)

... and when I get the rest of the books delivered, I'll post another picture with all the books in one place (daunting!). As it is, I'm going to get a good night's sleep and get ready to start my first day of reading tomorrow.

And if you want to keep me honest about my goal to spend 40 hours a week (minimum) studying, you can log in to using the e-mail address and the password bydsjdpb (isn't that easy to remember?). I'll be using this site to log my hours, track my progress, and stick to my 40 hour / week goal -- so feel free to harass me if I let the side down.

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