Friday, April 27, 2007

schedule of events

I think I've mapped out my schedule of readings. This is what I'm working with, having pushed my start date back to May 7th in response to a need for more time off, quite frankly. Right now I'm hoping to follow this schedule doing about 40 - 50 hours / week of readings -- that may not be realistic, but it's my hope that I won't have to read for 70 hours a week. If I can do eight to ten hours of reading five days a week, I'm hoping I will be able to both make it through my reading list in a timely fashion.

Why do I have a sinking, "famous last words" feeling about the whole thing...?

May 7 - May 19: Criticism

May 21 - June 2: Colonial Prose

June 4 - June 13: Confederation Prose

June 14 - June 30: Modern Prose

July 2 - July 21: Poetry

July 23 - July 31: Drama

August 1 - August 18: Contemporary Prose

August 20 - August 31: Criticism

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