Friday, April 13, 2007

welcome to another blog i will forget to update

Welcome to my new blog.

The intention of this blog is to chronicle my experiences studying for and writing my ph.d. comprehensive exams. This process should take approximately one year from beginning to end. I hope that this blog will both enable me to keep in touch with people through this process, and help my studying by giving me an opportunity to journal my thoughts on each novel as I work my way through my reading list.

Occasionally, I intend to be funny. Or at least pithy.

Please feel free to comment and discuss the novels I will be working through. My first comprehensive will be on Canadian Literature, and the second on American. My third comprehensive will be a list directly related to my thesis, so the readings will focus on Douglas Coupland and masculinity / gender / sexuality theory.

If you are also a blogging ph.d. candidate, please comment so that I can add you to my blogroll.

The preparations for my comprehensives begin on April 19th with a meeting with my advisor. Then I'm giving myself a week to recover from my coursework, get my office ready, track down all the books, and get my supplies together. I intend to start my reading on May 1st.

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